Thursday, March 10, 2005

happiest day of miie life. lols. kept laughin n laughin. durin recess, me n zuo ying went to canteen to eat den go to e library to find ryan. so weird lor mii and hiim less den 2 weeks den so close liao. hahas. den after sch we got ready for our last psl session. i guess ours is e best although we didnt haf water bombs. hoho. firstly that chee sheng dared me to put chocolate on his face. i did. lols. den e next target was benjamin. he also had choco cake on his face. wahahs. den chee sheng was mad and he ran after me with e choco cale lols. i ran like mad. he didnt chase up. though yun kai caught me. WaHha. den chee sheng went to smash e cake at timothy. so funny sia! even his shirt also have. den kenna caught by mr singh. gotta clean up e whole toilet. lols. of cuz in boys toilet la. oh yah. when timo was washing up, damian came into e toilet and smashed another cake at him. ridiculous. den e toilet all choco cake. ahha. den we went to classroom and talk bout our most valued thing. half e class was missing. i dunno why. lols. den we played do you lvoe ur neighbour? i was one of those who had not been caught. hais. so sian. liife stiil sux. i hatee myself.

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