Monday, March 07, 2005

i sacrifice this time to write on my blog cuz i wanted to play my maple story. hahahs. todaee recess mi and diing qi went to e library. i went to borrow chicken soup and one asterix....funny when i borrow asterix i dun read one... hahahas. e chicken soup was nice i almost cried. lols. too emotional. wAHahaA . den mii and diing qi went down to outside our class the benches there to eat...den yuhan came den she started talking bout darryl....i sorta flared up and den the class boys started teasing me....die liaos...supposed to be a secret now im dead =\....den after sch got ryan ride e bus with me....hahas....keep joking for no reason....he still think i veri guai real man....haiss so sian....okii tts bout todae....

As the days pass slowly
And the weeks creep by
I find myself obsessing
About the ways I could die.

I lay awake at night
thinking of my pain.
There's no way it can get better;
I have nothing left to gain.

Suddenly thoughts of death
Are controlling my every move,
And every battle with my mind
I always seem to lose.

I no longer want to be around
The people i love.
All that I can think about
Is what's waiting above.

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