Saturday, March 26, 2005

ytdd wentt tuu study witt meryll , cam and cs.
actually we didn'tt reallii studdy much
jus bullshitt
we scolded chee hock over
e phone cuz he
bullied chee sheng and merr
was madd at hiim.
i scoldedd hiimm too
i didnn't noee
whyy liife wass like that. you made me
do thiings i didn't want to do
why diid i fall for yeew?
i should haff nvr tolld yoo that
i lurfe yoou.
yes i do but
i wanna haf my freedomm
choosin which route i wanna take
i still love you
but e reasonns why i didn
wanna listen tuu yoo
was bcuz i wannted
yoo to accompanii`
yoo werent ther
for me

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