Saturday, February 19, 2005

todae. went to bugis with camilla and her bro. forgot wad his name is. but veri weird the lars. we went to lan shop. but no seats available. so we went t the other lan shop to play arcade. camilla and i played the car game. her score was 37 or 38/40 mine's 35/40. second time is 32/40. third time also the same. hahas so fun. playin the car game. actually i got 26/4o wan. but den alot of cars bang me ya. so not fun. den those ppl bside me they playin their own car game. scold so mani vulgarities. den one guy bside me say oei dun scold so mani vulgarites la. in chinese. but he say until so soft. siao. den lata we go andd eat. at food junction. wtff. my chiken rice costss $3.50. so exx lorss...den lata camilla go play gunbound. i jus sit and watchh. den it was like tt.
me boy camilla
tt was the sittin arrangement. the boy in between was playin gunbound. when he got hit he kept scoldin vulgarities. pointin third fingers also haff. denn i onlii noe tt boyss are worser soree losers den gals. den he left, another guy came. alsoo liddat.....they are realli siao...den lata playplayplay i gtg mom came to fetch me.den went to my dad shop to see see. it stinked. i dunno why. lols den came home and slp...yeah tts all...byess


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