Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hahas todae backed rock cookies. with choco. hen hao s\chi =)) it rockked. wahhas yupp. mi and lenson minus 10 marks bcuz of the damn rubbish. forgot to clear it up. my first time minus marks. sh0` sadd =( okii den afta sch. i got band. so hafta stay backk. yupp eileen quittin...she onli flutist she sian sian wan. got to noe who is rowen and brinston. wahhas tt rowen so childish leh. how old liao? 16 leh. aiyoyo. keep playing with the sec ones. haiss! den we started practicing at around 5plus. actually when my seniors ask me to blow right...i cannot blow lors. den when they finally scram out of the class room, i figured out that i could play 4 notes. but i cant play the note do. dunno why. too low? hahas. but i always blow veri low. lols. today camilla and eileen fought. i think it was over me. i'm so sorry cam....

D0Nt LiKe DeN SaY, n0 niD t0 SaY iT s0 iNdiRecTly!!! weLl, i thiNk i dUN liKE y0U TOO!

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