Wednesday, February 02, 2005 so tired man....oh yah ytd had to back for jie fu ang moh....aiya nothing much to talk bout him....he always gimme sweets one. hah. he testing eye contact den he say i stare at him....aiya no diff between stare and look la...hmmm today...after sch go to hydroponics farm...boo00ring lahs. nvr win any prize one. haiss...oh yah my grp members are meryl nigel n eugene. meryl is tt girl hu haf same same bday as me. -cheeRs!- and nigel n eugene...still can get along well with them la. yupps....den got free veg leh. ahahahah ok den after tt ehh me, meryl, camillia, nigel, chee sheng, darren went to eileen's house but b4 tt we went to cold storage spent over $40 or $40 on e spot? anyways ya after tt we went to eileen's house to party! ok den tts all here i am now....jus know tt nigel is styain in palm grove...*hpmh...he act like a poor guy* heh ok tata ****note: i forgot to add that ytd night i went for family dinner....farewell dinner to my aunt cuz she's leavin for canada..yupps almost my whole family lives abroad hahs. i gues tts all. ta

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