Tuesday, February 22, 2005

started with history. hmm same old boring lesson but e teacher rawks. big time. lolx. den on with maths. sian lar. den recess! yepyep. not enought time to eat my laksa =(( den back to class for...umm...english? GREAT MAN. THAT TEACHER SUCKS BIG TIME. the new teacher from moe. kaos. i hate her!den we had compre test. i haf a feelin tt i'm gonna score low! nonono! not on english. !! den after tt got science. test on cells and tissues and everything. quite hard tho. den we had chiinese. yupp, me now started to like chiinese. i love the teacher mann *i'm not a les!* i mean as in her personality la. she's so understanding. lorrs. plus she dont realli scold. cares alot bout us yeahh =)) so after sch had lunch and went for jie fu's class. haiss. ben, emma and joshua, eunice and joanne, i dunno the other girl name, joined our class. they were probably absent yesterday. hahas. tt ben. sit so close to elisa sia. hmm!yupp. denn play a game. we came in second no prizes =((. yupps. haiss. so sian lehx. oh ya after jie fu lesson me and wynne and camilla went to compass to eat mosburger. OHMAN the burger was SUPERB! i loved it....simply delicious. but it was ex. yupp. 6.25 leh including drink and fries. but all small. mcdonalds more worth. den lata wynne go liaos. me and camilla den sit mrt to punggol. den we had a nice nice chat. we sit from punngol to harbourfront. den harbourfront sit back. fastest way to waste time. haha we mus be siao rite? is actually quite fun, you peeps out dere shld try it. but we did our hwk along e way. hahahas. so fun. yupp tts bout it lars. oh yah,


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