Friday, April 07, 2006

cross country today. woke up at like 5.45? lols. den reached kovan at about 6.30. den hae to wait for camii cuz she late -_- shld have take my own swt time xP we reached there like.. ermm.. 7.20? lols. anyway i WALKED with glynis, camii and ms teo. den got mokeys. damn cute. suddenly we saw a REALLY REALLY disgusting sight. 2 monkeys were doing YOU-NOE-WHAT(***)!!!!!!!! we screamed and we ran lols. den half way ms teo say she's nt feeling well. den we pei her walk back. thats my good deed for the year xP den we have to walk again. @$^%#&#%@%#^#%& lols. anyways we were the last 3 and i bet many ppl think we suck =X lol. we did a good deed thats why we're the last 3. triple L's eyes were like O.O when she found out we were the last 3. hahas. den got prize presentation. i cant haoyee was the first 20! unbelievable. hahas. anyways after tt we took taxi to go hougang mall. saw my hon there xP soo cute. we were like talking about ABC. hahas. last few days quite shocked. when i found out that DEF was with ABC all along. *frens, if u ask me, i wont reveal to say who they are. private and confidential.* before he left, he messed up my hair. maybe he didnt notice she was there. she looked at me den she looked at him. probably if he noticed her, he might not even talk to me. anyways, to cut a long story short, they came to my house to do the pw proj. den i send all of them t the bus stop. yihan insisted on taking 70 O_O. den later marie suddenly say she left her wallet at the bus stop. den we ran over the overhead bridge again. i was really exhausted. sorry marie! didnt pei u. hahas. =XXX

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