Wednesday, April 26, 2006

im feeling so bloody fcuked up now.
anyways stayed back in sch with kris meryl and geok leng to study. well i gave up halfway. i cant think straight; im an emo person and its going to affect my studies badly. i had to rely on meryl all the time i have no one else to turn to. ppl would usually leak the secret out. wynne was soo happy when she found out o.o seems like kristle faces the same problem as me. she stopped studying halfway and den she cried. meryl accompanied her to the toilet and me and gl read her foolscap. she had the same problems as i do! really really. seems like its hard to forget ur first love isnt it? screw this life, NOBODY cares. i feel tht im changing, i feel like im a souless person.

its been 2 days, yet im still struggling.
and he's watching with glee.

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