Saturday, April 15, 2006

i reached kovan at 11.15! so he couldnt say i was late. he reached at 12 - and missed the train. and he refused to catch the nxt train. anger - until disappointment. i held my tears back, i didnt want this matter to ruin my whole day, but it did. me and eileen reached bugis at 12.30. meryl was stiiiilllll at home (: oh wells. went into guardian and eileen bought her facial stuffs. den were supposed to meet meryl and kristle at the national library. got lost. taaahaha. den eileen called meryl and asked for directions. when we walked out of parco, this crazy man whistled at me den walked past me. he kept turning at me and keep giving me a stupid grin! sicko ass. i freaked out totally. reached there and waited for them. den we went up to the 7th floor. tht person say it was for reference only, not for study. study lvl 5. den we went to the 5th lvl. WHOA. so many ppl there -_-! den we decided to go to the cafe to eat. starving you know! i had pasta*YUMYUM* with ham. not that bad actually but by the time i finished eating, i had the sauce all over my whole mouth. teeyong came and my mood changed so suddenly. no idea. i was quiet throughout the day. they studied for awhile den went shopping. i finally bought my bag!at bugis street. cant rmb tt brand. hahas. den we went into parco. meryl and kris and ty went to delifrance to study. me and eileen went shopping for her clothes. den we sat 80 and went home. den i only started talking. they were like trying to cheer me up the whole day. heeeeheee xP thanks!

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