Saturday, April 29, 2006

i woke up with a nice dream. a dream that seemed so realistic. but no, its not ture. sigh. i dreamt tht we patched up and.. yeah. a dream that seems too far to even reach out to. it was only 13 days away. i guess the surprise's gone. byebye to it then.

wnt to mac for breakfast. saw a muscular man with tight fitting shirt and jean shorts*IMAGINETHAT!* and he was tatooed all over. scary scary. den went to ntuc.. saw mdm sen. had a quicky wicky chat with her. came home den my parents forced me to study. i stayed in my rm. but i was reading story bk and my assessments i all copy ans from the back. i really gt no mood to study. den i sneaked out to take the lighter. burned 2 letters. one was supposed to be meant for mschew. but i didnt give it to her, i was afraid i'd be sent to the consellor. the second letter is confidential. burnt it in the sink xD i used to do tht wen i was young with my bro. we hid in the toilet to burn things. lol. zzzzzzzzzz. siiiigh dunno why im moodymoody today.

i cut myself again.

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