Tuesday, April 18, 2006

he hung her phone,
the tears flowed freely,
as if there wasno end.
it tasted sweet,
but why her life was so bitter?
she looked at the scissors on the table.
fear ran through her mind.
she took it,
carefully placing the blades over her wrists.
she began to slit her wrist,
slowly, carefully.
she did it again and again,
gradually getting faster everytime.
it was numb -
a deep cut printed on her wrist.
i lost my soul that day.

his words pierced her heart.
"even if you jump down from a building, i DONT CARE!"
is that wat a family member shld say for encouragement?
she got depressed -
her phone was gone.
no one to rely on,
no one to tell her troubles to.
he burst into her room,
demanding a reason for her messages.
she shrugged and pretended he was invisible.
he yelled.
and yelled.
he walked out of the room,
and and disappointed.
the tears came again.
he came in to yell more,
he didnt care.
a lady then stepped in.
a lady who was responsible for her life.
someone called mom.
she gave counselling.
but the girl had already thought for wat the lady had said.
she's already clearing part of the feelings.
for once when he steps out of this school,
its over, its GONE.
she wantsto show him,
she's not a weakling.
she looked at the scissors again.
maybe she's better off dead.
friends would rejoice,
no more worrying for him.
her 'friends' would already feel
happy upon reading this post.
i lost my smile that day.

really stupid day today. after sch went to water rise with meryl, kristle and glynis. weeeeell. it wasnt so bad. but abit sad lars. hais.

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