Friday, April 28, 2006

exams are a piece of shiat.
i wrote the internet for the one word essay. changed it into a story. my frens all say i crazy cuz they all write internet as an arguement. sigh. den the silly chinese paper. i was just looking at the paper, and the paper staring at me. lols. i had ???????????? all in my head. zzzzzz. i couldnt understand a crap xPP.

after school wnt to study with meryl and kristle again. at sengkang's library cafe. well i pleaded them to go to the place that i wanted, as eileen had forbidden me to go there again. well, unless we're back together of cuz. they agreed, but that wld be my last and final time walking down the memory lane. as i was walking... well i could control my tears although it was the my last time there. it was so painful - yet, i had to walk alone. they settled in the shelter as it was raining but i walked around. i couldnt bear to leave this place - it felt like my second home. i walked around the void deck, with the happy memories flashing back. it was a kind of torture. i dare not go up, i didnt know why. i was too afraid i guess.

when i reached the bus stop, i turned around... and left with a tear in the eye.

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