Saturday, April 09, 2005

yipees. todayy i went out early in e mornin to meet kunzii and weeeeeee`. i met kunzi first cuz she said that she was scared of weeeeee`. hahas kinda funny. FOR THE SECOND TIME, weeeeeee` scared me again. DAMN! freakkky! okies den we went to hougang interchange but den weeeeee` dumped us there. boos`. when to xinmin. soooo boring =\ we walked around and around and finally found gloria. sheesh. den we walked around and around again. den we finally left. i brought a wooden blue clip and they glued my name on it. its sooo nice. den me and kunzii went to hougang mall to haf lunch. den we took pics of our clips. haha. so bOliaos right. den i went to meet cam. den we played lan! i played cs. hoho. so mani ppl died under my hands. WAHAHAHA! den came home yupps. my key was in my pocket and i didn't bother to find it. so i called my silly bro and told him that i forgot to bring my key out. ahhHH i waited an hour for him. hmmmph. den i was super pissed when i found my key in my pocket. arrrGH! thats all lah. buh bye!

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