Friday, April 29, 2005

as usual, i came to sch with nic. didnt meet jesslyn. hais. so sad. so onli me and him walk to school... den i went to class to put my bag den we went up to his class together. he keep saying his classmates. hais. so bad! den after sku i met yvonne and we bought the jelly ice cream and walked outta sku. but we saw rowen and nic and their silly bunch of frens. den aaron asked yvonne whether i like nic anot! and i'm like WTF! but she told him that she dunno. but she actually noe! haha den alot of ppl also ask her before. we walked to the playground cuz we were waiting for rowen and nic. den we talked and played a lil. we both hated sweating. hahas. so we walked back to sku and bought another ice cream. HAHA! den we manage to avoid the table of mad guys... den lata rowen was playin basketball and nic was playin we decided to disturb nic.. call him power ranger... haha... den lata nic came towards us... ask us to pei him go to 83 bus stop... yvonne dunwan to go so she ask me to go wit nic.. -____- so i went with him.. my bag veri heavy so i walk veri slowly lah... den he pei me walk slow...den he supposed to meet his fren at 4.30 but i think he late lah.. haha.. den when i reached home my mom said wanna go swimmin... i swam 12 rounds = 1200m! this is the first time i swim so much! hahas. den lata i came home and ate my delicious dinner! =) den lata nic called.. ask me to pei him go somewher tmr.. den my parents dun allow... feel soooo bad... haiz.. his frens organize that thing bcuz of me... and in the end i didnt turn up... haizzz... den thats it for today..

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