Monday, April 04, 2005

SOOOOO mUCH TO SAY! oMG! okok. on sat i went back to sch for my band. playplayplay finally learned e basics. phew. so we passed. YAYYYY!!!! good thing number 1. HAHAHA. good thing number 2. AVRIL'S CONCERTTTTTT!!!! okayes. i promise that i will list detail by detail. firstly, gloria's parents came to pick me up. i was like WOOOOOW when i saw her. so punk. kayes. den we went to e indoor stadium. and when they started playin, im like WTF WHY THEY PLAYING PUG JELLY SONG!?!?!?! okayes. i LOVE pug jelly. THEY RAWK! so i enjoyed their 15 min performance. YEEEAH! den after tt got 15 min break....change all e instruments... den AVRILLLLL! me and gloria onli stood up when she sang skater boi and complicated. the sillt tze jie was swinginghis hand oFF. AHHAHAHAHA! but im suprised. he dresses veri well. oh btw ther were 20 speakers. IMAGINE THAT! okies den on sun. after my music lesson, i chiong to ps to meet meryl and woei juin. watched the eye 10. SOOOOOO scary! ok. cher if u're reading this, u prob think im chicken. my first time watching ghost movies kaye. =X den today sian sian wan. sch went as usual. came to sch with meryl and woei juin. aHHh. so sians. kayes tts it fer now. TATa

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