Sunday, April 24, 2005

on fri after my sports day i went back to pri sch with jia hui, jia yong, elwin, eugene and pris. on the way, we bought bubble tea and the autie call elwin AH GIRL. AHAHHAAAAAAAAAa we all laughed like SIAO. i ate at pri sch. i missed the food. yummm.! and den me and pris went to find rowen and nicholas. when i reach there i onli saw nic. lols. den pris wanna go back to pri sch so we left her at the bus stop. hahas. den we walked to the next bus stop. amanda goh called me and told me tt she was comin. so we missed alot of bus jus to wait for amanda goh. ahahas. when i picked her up, i still had to open e door for her. wtf. lols. den she thought that nic was my stead and i'm like WTF. nO LOR. den lata 136 came and we went to heartland mall cuz my mom wanted to buy a watch. we left nic at e bus stop. wahahha. after we reached there we ate kfc together wit my mom and my bro. hahas. she keep talkin bout her taxi trip. cuz she chinese not good den say until veri funny. hahas. den my mom was so shocked that her chinese was so lan. hahah. den we walked around and went home. yeahhs. she's still as good as ever. den on sat me and nic went to lan. he trashed me in gb. damn it im not playing with him anymore. wahahas. or either i train hard and trash him back. hmmm. i gotta reconsider lah. so after we played lan we went to heartland mall to walk walk la... walk liao den sit mrt go to punggol...i was suppose to send him home but he send me to the 136 bus stop. he had to be home by 2.30 but i dragged time so when he reached home it was bout 2.50. hahas i think he didnt get any scolding bleahhs. den today me and yvonne met up for yamaha lesson. when we were inside there was a slight tremor and i was like woooooow first time experiencing it. i wont forget it ;p yvonne was scared. very. the reason why we felt it was mayb we were doing theory so it was veri quiet and peaceful. hahas. den after lesson we went to walk around heartland mall. den we sat down and yvonne started telling me all her problems. hais. dunno why i felt like crying. her life is jus like mine, so screwed up. den she called rowen over and we went to take neoprints. got new machine at heartland mall. they removed bout 3 of e machines. haiz. but e new machine's nice... but not veri clear. oh YEAH. nic told yvonne that i got thrashed by him in gb. gRR. ok fine. dun play with him gb liaos. hahas. when i went out with yvonne and rowen i really feel like light bulb. WAHAHA den she keep torturing me when i said that. aHEM. den yvonne started ticking rowen in popular den yvonne told me that he was scared of tickles. den we gang up and started tickling him. ahahah den lata he tockled us and we chased him all over heartland mall. hoho. so fun. den lata after a looooooooooooong time we stopped. i hit him on e head and den he hit me back. one time he hit alot of times. so it was veri pain... owwww. i'll get my revenge! when going to e bus stop i saw a big gulp den i wanted to hit it down and den rowen hit my hand den my hand hit until de cup so it fell down but my arm hurt! walao tt guy he hit ppl so hard sia. okies tts a;; for today. i soooo tired :)

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