Thursday, April 28, 2005

whoooooopeee! =) today i waited at e mrt...i saw jesslyn and went in. waHAHA. den we sat lrt together and looked for nic. he brought my breakfast but i already eat. hahahs. so i gave the bread to wynne! she's always starving one! hahas. today de lesson was super boring. i almost dozed off during lit and sci. those are the two most BORING lessons. mr toh's teaching is full of CRAP. jus like my bro said he's teachings are a pile of shit! haha. quite true. den today music lesson... so boring... gonna test on sch song... and i'm like WTF. cuz i dunno the lyrics of the sch song. HAHA. den after sku i went home with jemaine, marie, yihan and her frens. the SOTONG family! yep i'm the wife. WAHAHAH! den yihan's fren was spraying water on the ground and sliding arcoss the whole pathway. LOL. it looked fun! den when i reached home, yvonne called me and asked me to pei her cuz she waiting for ROWEN. den we talk for about 1hr 20 mins. lol. so short. den lata i put down the phone... den lata nic called. den talktalktalk den put down. i was half sleepin when he called! hahas. den lata i went to haf my nap. den i bathed and was playin com when nic called again. i think he was playing guitar. it sounded like a guitar. it was soooo nice! loved it.

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