Tuesday, April 12, 2005

oOkies. now talk bout sun. soooo much to say =))
i wanted to meet wit yvnne but
she was with rowen.
so i went to yamaha.
but she was kindD.
she waited for mee.
dunring e lesson, it was sooooo screwed upp.
so after lesson we sent judy to e mrt.
den i saw weez.
so yvonne went to e lan shop to find rowen.
onlii me and weez waiting at heartland mall.
we were sooooo quiet =))
den they came and we go
we boarded e mrt.
yvonne and rowen seemed so lovin
so it made me think bout me and him.
we were n0thing.
n0thing compared
to them.
that realli br0ke me.
i was thinkin of wad fun thing we did.
nothing at alL.
my heart was bleeding and crying.
it'll be over
over for us soon.
we sat mrt to orchard.
i didnt even talk to weez.
yvonne and rowen kept asking us to talk
but i jus kept quiet.
i was nvr.
nvr so quiet.
i was probably thinkin bout me
and him.
when we went to cine, e movie alr started and we were late for 30mins
so we didnt buy e tix
we went to eat.
me and yvonne ate at mac and rowen ate
kfc. bud we ate together.
den yvonne pulled me away.
we went to e toilet and she kept askin me to talk to weez
i told her tat i gort nth to talk about.
so i ask her to gif me a topic
den she say anything
so i say jus say hi jiu can liao
i think she gonna faint.
so we went back. they so bad
left me and weez behind.
we went back to hearland mall
played at lan.
we finally talked.
but not as much.
i'm not good with my chinese.
so we play play play.
den play until e stupid frozen throne.
it was fun
but they say it was laggy so we quit.
den time for me to go.
i got home late
grounded by my parents.
den mon.
cant rmb wad happen.
bud i noe we got back our oral com.my marks counted wrongly.
i got 51/65
i either got e fifth
or fourth in class.
den today i went home with glynis.
hais dunwan to type le
more updates bout today look at elisa's blog.
one person. onlii one. was dere for miie alwaez.
sotong ger ger thanx for everything.
you rawk!
i'm being left out.
no one bothers
no one cares.
this is e second time im typing this.
i wonder.
how manii more times im gonna
type this.

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