Monday, April 18, 2005

i had a blast yesterday!! firstly i met yvonne at heartland mall, it was alreadyquite late so we skipped yamaha. hees. =)) we bought the diskette for nothing. bleahhs. wasting time. den we went to play lan. played dota. hais. i'm sooo lousy. heh. den after we finished the game, our time was up. jason won. boos ` so me and yvonne wanted to go hougang mall with rowen and jason but rowen insisted on staying at e lan shop. so mi and yvonne went. we hardly walked for an hour den rowen called us back. haiis. den later i went home. den i slept. after i woke up my mom fetched me and my bro to pick my father up. we went to pan pacific*5 star hotel!* it was 37 storeys! when i went inside, i looked up and got dizzy. it was sooooooooo tall! we went to e jap restaurant to check out. it was full house. so we went to another restaurant and it was at the LAST LEVEL!!!!!!!!!! when we took the lift up, the scenary was outside the hotel. it was creepy. almost eye to eye to the word suntec! but the scenary at e restaurant was super nice! got the seaside and the lights relfecting from the river. BEAUTIFUL. my parents force me to eat abalone and MUSHROOM. ABALONE WAS OKAY BUT MUSHROOM! omg i tell you i almost VOMITTED!! i had tears in my eyes already! den my dad said i was veri good in acting! wtf. after that we went down. i had enough courage to look at the scenary while going down e lift. BEAUTIFUL. we finally left the beautiful hotel. i wont ever forget it. it was so nice =)). tts bout it. today so sian. hais.

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