Saturday, July 22, 2006

there's another rumor in the class.
does 'calculative' rings a bell, sandy and camilalalalallalallalala?
oh well, ytd aft sch stayed back with tj and sandy and cam.
but tj had to go to drama!
anyways, we did henna! :DD
i did my hands and legs.
sandy did the same too.
camilalalalala *lol* did her own design.
she kept complaning it's breaking its breaking!
its sposed to break. lol.
den we stayed in class and gossiped.
mostly abt the common bitch.
well, some ppl dont know the real HORRIBLE truth abt her,
so i guess they side her.
i just sit directly behind her, so i know whats she like during class.
she treats eugene yip like a dog,
and flirts like ?!#$#%$#^%&* with the 2 ppl behind her,
screams at the teacher whenevr he/she is wrong,
dont believe?
exchange yr seat a day with me-
and you'll believe what she's like.
you can hear from keane, camilla or benjamin.
or maybe the 2 ppl who sits behind her.
provided if you'll believe.
i mean, keane's a concillor why wld he want to lie?
we went down for lunch den wnt back to classrm.
we all wnt to slp.
sandy cld slp on the chair! i mean lying dwn.
i tried but it was too stiff.
i gave up and lied on the table instead.
den tj left the sch with his DRAMA frns and left us alone in sch! >< so obviously we had to go find him. went back to sch for the streaming talk. until 9! it was ridiculous to see how irritated the principle was when the guy kept asking abt a.maths. he said it was useless and wanted the principle to drop tht sub. in other words, make it not compulsory. went home aft. that. such a boooooring day. aha.

we had pizzas, and drinks!
ahh mr choo was so touched.
well, me, cam and wj's feel the beat was like a..
farewell beat?
me and cam went crazy with the shalala dance!
speaking abt it, i feel like an idiot now.
dancing arnd the whole class with silly movements
and singing -.-!

she missed his everything.
but she's suffering now,
she told him time cld nvr turn back.
now she wants to turn back time,
but she cant.

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