Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i was in an extremly foul mood -
because of my splitting buttache (it happens everyday! and worse still, stading up to greet teachers! everytime i have to struggle to stand up!)
and some other reasons.
but i must say bowling did make me happier :DD
im not telling why cause i know ppl will start syaing im bhb - or whatever.

im updating mooooore!
anyway, during maths lesson, mr sim saw i was sitting down-
where everyone was standing up greeting him!
im sosososososo sorry, but the pain is just so....
so i have no choice if im sitting down greeting the teacher like that.
anyway, i just realised i've got some unwanted readers on my blog.
so most likely im gonna set up a password *hopefully* ,
and only give it to certain ppl.

i wanna scream out life's great,
but my insides feel not so great.
sam just stopped talking to me for god-knows-what reasons..
and whoops-a-daisy,
there goes my only, only son.

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