Friday, July 28, 2006

today was okay. i think.
maths lesson was as noisy as ever. but i had to pay attention! maths was the only thing that was pulling my grades down now. come to think of it, we shld have the test today, 3 tests on monday!
science was extremly disappointing! imagine getting 58 for test.. no, 56 cause of wrong ans. wth la! anywy, i din study much for this test -.- so i guess it was okay to get 56.

lit was as fun as ever, mr yeo's lesson is still the best! then maybe next comes mr sim's. i still miss mr maran's lesson. it was HILARIOUS. hopefully mr yeo teaches lit next yr. if nt i'll be going to mr maran's class! ((:

anyway, talk about shakesphere. according to tj, its hard to read and understnd. gaaah. hopefully we wont be doing that next yr. i think i'll have trouble reading and understanding the book, esp for literature!

zzz. anwy aft sch, we wanted to wait till 2.15 bffr leave the sch for god-knows-what reason. i forgot. so during the 45 mins, i was waiting to try on kenny's skates. out of everybody trying, i guess i was the worse. heh. ahh well. at least it wasnt as bad when i first tried roller blading. i though it was the same as ice skating; but i realised there weren't any brakes on the front! @#%#$^%*( almost fell down lah, but didnt.

we ( tj mer darren glynis ) left tgt to have lunch at hougang mall. aftr a looooooooooooooong i mean REALLY REALLY long decision, we decided to go to food court to eat. cause most of us were broke. and i wanted to save money. cause i got 10bucks today, haha (:
wnt hm wit tj, sat 147 hm (:

i just cant let you go -

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