Friday, July 14, 2006


Mood: er. okok lah.

Taste: saliva?

Clothes: black tank pink shorts *just came back frm a round of badminton.

Desktop Picture: naruto

Toenail Colour: purple toesies

Surroundings: err. nobody's around me.

Annoyances: fan sounds!


Best Friends: cher, amd.

Crush: cant rmb.

Movie: AGES AGO!

Lie: ??

Music: backstreet boys?


Cigarette: anti-smoker.

Drink: h2o thirst quencher.

movie: aquamarine.

Phonecall: my mom?

Played: RAKION


Dated One Of Your Best Friends:huh? no.

Broken The Law: school rules?

Been Arrested: im an angel!


Been On TV : err. news.

Kissed Someone You Don't Know : im not dumb.


Five Things You Are Wearing Right Now: eye ears mouth nose tongue. lol.

Four Things You've Done Today: GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP.

Three Things You Hear Right Now: tv, bro singing, fan.

One Thing That You Do When You're Bored: SLEEP.


what's the best nickname you've ever had? err. nana? tht was pri sch. or maybe bibi. i dont know.

Do you think suicide is the best way?sometimes i guess.

Rate your social life from scale 1 - 10: 7

are you in love with someone at the moment?dont fall in love anymore *i know some PPL out there wont believe, but its true.

are you missing someone at the moment? yup. but not a crush, seriously.

would you die for the one you love? if its love, not infatuation, yes.

do you think love hurts? depends on how you look at it.

what's the best thing about love? makes you feel loved.

what's the worst thing about love? getting dumped and cheated?

will you wait for someone you love? dont think so.

what song that best decribes your love life at the moment?errr. unfaithful? i dont know the lyrics actually lol.

do you wanna get married?i guess.

have you talked to the person you love for the past 24 hours?i love my family, so yes (:

do you keep memories or try to forget them? i rmb the good ones. i try to forget the bad ones.

is love always on your side or the opposite way? eh?

are you sick of love? yes. kinda.

are you sick of question of love? irritated.

what are you going to do today-tomorrow? no idea.

what do you want so badly right now?MONEY FOR SHOPPING SPREE

do you think money is everything? err. not really. money cant buy you love.

what's the song that you last downloaded? my bro downloads, not me.

So last would be???????what's that word? i dont get ur question.

how much do you love music?ALOTALOTALOTALOT.

do you play an instrument? YES.

have you written your own song? i stopped. that was the past.

what movie did you last watch?err. aqauamarine.

do you believe in love forever? no.

what's in your mind right now? when's the next soccer match for boy?

what song is in your mind right now? where'd you go. (:

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