Thursday, July 20, 2006

im so pissed by this.
lets just name them - A and E.
A talked to me abt E,
saying how much she hates her,
and etc etc.
i didnt know wtf is wrong with A, she says she hates her but the next moment she loooooves her just as much. sucker. i found out frm wynne tht she was just using me all along. FCUK YOU BITCH. i didnt know why i liked you as a fren in the first place. oh, dont worry, me and wynne share the same loathing for YOU.
plus, she makes use of people, ESP guys that.. well, admire her?
seriously i dont know what guys do see in her.
just because of her fringe?
oh gawd.
she used to be an innocent angel lst yr etcetc.. maybe devil overtook her body this yr. go ahead say im jealous. im not and i nvr will be. she's just so stuck up, fancy using guys who like you when you dont like them! i mean, if you dont like a guy, you'd probably just ignore him or smth. but she goes round flirting with them!! i really dunno whats gotten into her. she can love E all she wants, probably E must be smiling with glee, now she's got A all to herself. A asked us what was wrong with her. we already told you, but you didnt change for the btr. no use brooding over this matter, cause alot, i mean ALOT of ppl dislike you already. if you read this, you know who im talking about.

p.s might not neccesarily be frm our class.

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