Saturday, July 29, 2006

today was okay - i guess.
wnt to compass with meryl and tj to study. and obviously, i was late as usual. haha. anyway, today was a success! wheee. then mer and me bought a plate of spag each. her's tomato, mine chicken. to my extreme horror, hers was nicer than mine! i always though chicken sauce was thee best. ((: we studied till 4plus close to 5 (hard working right?!?!?!) then we went to the music shop, then popular, then HOME! hahas. and guess what!? I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD MACBETH, IM SOSOSOSO HAPPY! yay! cant wait to take lit next yr, although the book i read on macbeth was for small small kids. cause the adult literature was too, i mean TOOOO chim! (: but heck, i now understand the story, thanks to tj.

anway, back at home. speak about boring. i cant wait till the next study grp!

there he goes, im giving up.
thr's no use brooding over someone who's a nobody.
im much stronger emotinally than i look.

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