Friday, July 14, 2006

pics for ur entertainment. (:

lets talk abt the hottest topic now.
the FAILURE bitches.
or rather, the REJECTED bitches. lol.
firstly, the COMMON BITCH.
she sucksucksucksucksuck like hell.
i hate her to bits!
secondly, you-know-who.
im sure you all know who!
she tries to act bitchy;
but she's a failure.
badbadbadbadbad one.
sigh. utter humiliation to 2int.

new beat created by wj!
lovelovelovelovelove (:
aft sch wnt t hougang mall food court to eat.
kris, mer, cami, and tj.
den wnt with darren glynis and sandy.
cuz the rest had cca.

CODED #05 (:

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