Friday, July 07, 2006

why does everything come to a coincidence for me?
why why why?
why does it have to be at serangoon stadium?
it just brings back the horrors - of us being together.
i wanna forget this happened.
i dont want to see him - ever again!
i just wanna erase everything away from my memories.
i want the memories to stop haunting me.
i just wanna look forward - and not look towards the past,
whats gone is gone.

yellow house captian's ball is UNBEATABLE.
you hear me?
especially INT AND SIN. (:

YES, i had a nicenicenicenicenice chat with cheryl (:(:
havent seen her for a looong time!
and she still cant get over that eugene (tan)'s
got a spiked hair and contacts!
looks like a hottie - but not to me =he used to be a nerd last time - i swear!
you ppl can go to cher's bloggie to check it out 8P

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