Sunday, July 30, 2006

thats when she realised it was love,
thats when she realised it was her thoughts that led her astray,
thats when she realised it was all too late,
thats when she realised her hatred for him starts to grow more and more each day,
she wants to stop it, but she cant.

she can feel death walking by her,
waiting to take her away whenever she's ready.
she's struggling with life,
after all this is her fate given by god.

there's just too much pain held inside her,
she wants to let go of everything and laugh for once,
but she struggling.
she's picking up the knife,
where it was last left more than a month ago.

12o5o6 ;;
the day stupidness overcame her.
and still counting the days.....
79 days, yet she cant forget.

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