Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i've finally managed to track the things down i want now.
anyway, im changing my link soon. cause there's still some unwanted ppl on my blog. you know who you are.
brr is is getting so, so pissy.
and i couldnt believe ms EJ is like.. betraying me all the while? saying i always leave her alone and what crap shit.
and then she goes googoogaagaa over a person which SHE KNOWS I DISLIKE BEHIND MY BACK.
and there's been some copying of stuffs. im not saying what though.
cause ms EJ claims that i make things too obvious.
it seems like you can HARDLY find any trust in yr frens, cause most of them are just SUCKING UP. its true, isnt it?
most of the ppl suck up to other ppl, who obviously think their cool.
even if you copy them from top to toe, you're NOT yrself and definetely not who you are.
like a devil in princess clothes.
this time, im keeping my url a secret. too much's been going around the class. too much.
and i coudlt believe they trusted msEJ more than me!
but anyway, this doesnt concern our class, so dont wry.

life's a BITCH.
i hate the sucking ups.

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