Friday, August 11, 2006

din gt the wire fr art today. poned with wynne. :D nxt was maths. i totally understand evrything but whn it comes to exams im like ?! ._.; science.. was NOT as boring as usual cause we wnt to the labbie! (((: burining things and blahblah. i liked iodine and magnesium. iodine burn alrdy become purple. wah. damnchio can. magnesium still got white sparks. it reminded me of sparkles. hahah. so long nv play alrdy can. lit - i thought it would be a fun interesting lesson. but hey, it wasnt that bad. but a lil bit too boring.

aft sch.//
me, wj, zy, eli, cami (she just watched) and dno who else. sry if i left yr name out. we did the unthinkable :DD *winks.
well its a seeecret ((: but its something you all sure wont expect us to do.
gosh, i swear im changing. for the worse. maybe?
i wldnt have done the unthinkable if i was still me last time.
evil? maybe.
notorious? definetely.
im changing for a cause. for smth. not to attract ppl's attntion, but just smth.
bowling -
today was craaaaaaaaaaaaap.
anyway, whn we were coming back to sch, we saw madeline and dno what guy HOLDING HANDS outside th sch! OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG. i HATE madeline. its like, she use her hands to wipe off her disgusting mucus den.. HOLD HER STEAD'S HAND!? HAHAHAH
the whole bus was screaming. so funny lah. she still can wav back at us. pls lah. also no one wave at you. well obviously i was like :
its true. HAHAH.
still cant get the sight out of my head! HAHAHAHAH.
evil's growing in me. >:DD

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