Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i just wna push the ugly pics down, so i think i btr update alot. lol. anyway, school was as boring as usual. zzz. wnt dwn to eat during free period. no ppl one. : DD lols. den my bro say dno what shit his frn come look fr me aft sch to borrow $$. okay. fine. aft sch wnt to 7-11 with yihan and zy. wnt to the one outside our sch. no more pizzabar! then we had to walk to the super far one!! totally like wth -.= we bought finish all the pizzas there. totaly only got 5 lah. but the rest all veggie one. 4 slurpies (yes, thats ALOT!)and 2 burgers. its meant for 7 ppl, including mee xD walked all the way back to sc. wah damn tiring can. anyway, while walking back, zy wnt to her mom shop for a freee tomyam soup. den wnt back to hougang plaza's 7-11 to buy my coffee bread : DD its damn nice okay. back to class and blahblahblah. too lazy to write out. passed the money then wnt to hougang mall. saw zoe tay filiming something. she looks so.. 'angmoh-ish' with that mushroom haircut. lol. i didnt know it was her at first until they told me -_-; back to here blogging zzz. (:

reading yr post just make me go LOL. words cant bring me down no matter how hurtful it is. you aint that good yrself either. i nv said i was great, you said it yrself D: lolol. piss be with you. i hate enemies honestly. im opening my blog to public cause i'll be changing link real soon. (:

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