Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i hate to see couples fighting and breaking up -
it reminds me of the past.
which kinda forces me to think and reflect, where i'd gone wrong and etc.
and then i'll tell my story.
but at the most they'll just go, oh really so sad ar?
but, if this was god wanted,
i cant change it.
sometimes, i just got to accept the fact that
this IS reality.
no matter how hard,
how painful,
how depressing,
its all god's planning.
im not getting all emo but..
it even hurts me just to see eileen and chiaseng quarrel.
but thankfully they're okay now :DD
i know he's already found someone right fr him.
take care of yrself and,
god bless and goodbye.
i'll be here whnevr you need me.

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