Thursday, August 17, 2006

grr. english was the first lesson. i guess it was preeetty alright. and pe was HAHAHAHAH. i don have to do the 5 stations agn, cause i completed all. so it was practically a free peeeriod! :D reccess stinked, cause im eating spaghetti 3 times in a week (is it?!) lolol. wnt back to class then comes mr ong's boooooooooring lesson. well, actually it wasnt very boring cause he knows whne his students are bored. lol. so he made us do grp work. i like grp work during lessons! the tcr wont nagnagnagnag and nag. and then came the terror - angcy. AHHH! well he wanted to call my parents! cause i frm like 60+ drop to 40 ! so i was like noooooooooooooooo! trust me, if he does that, he'll regret cause the nxt day you'll see me in sch - with cane marks all over. im serious! and then i'll have strict curfews and yadayada. hate him :X! music - i had to borrow madeline's music book and recorder which is like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. she said the recorder was brand new, but all my frns didnt believe. so i opened it up and smelled it. EEEYUCK. it reeked of... I DONT KNOW! i borrowed theROCK's recorder in the end. lololol. aft music lesson, i wnt to toilet to wash my hands - WITH LOTS OF SOAP! who knows the book and recorder might be infected. hahahahaah. aft sch me and yh sent wynne off. thn we wnt to the coffeeshop to eat. i ordered chicken rice, obviously. so whn the uncle placed the plate infront of me, i just stared at the plate! THE RICE WAS SOOO LITTLE! so he asked (in chinese): is the rice enough for you? so i was like: uhh.. no... so he gave me more for (YES FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!) yh said that the uncle see me too skinny don expect me to eat too much. lol. i can eat alot okay! anyway, back to the topic. aft i placed my tray and stuffs down, i wasfondling with my fingers while waiting for yh to come back. then the chicken rice uncle ame over to me. he said: you make until your hand ar?(i know its broken, trnslate into chinese and you'll know wht i mean.) den i said: huh? no. so he's like, oh ok. den he went back to his stall. hahah. wnt back to sch with a gulp, watched mh show off his guitar skills, i've got experience too! : DD but i only hate the chords part. wnt hm with tj, and yh. i was locked outside the hse for 1h15min! i forgot to bring the damn hse key. see hw long i had to wait whn my bro came home! i was obviously flaring up lah. pfft.pissy. MATHILDA'S OUT! SINGAPORE IDOL DOES NOT GET MY VOTE, PPL ONLY VOTE FOR LOOKS. BY RIGHT, JOAKIM AND JASMINE CANT SING AT ALL, SO THOSE 2 SHLD BE OUT! WHAT THE HECK IS SINGAPORE THINKING?! THERE'S NO MORE USE WATCHING S.I ANYMORE!


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