Sunday, August 13, 2006

fireworks yesterday! whee :DDD
wnt with sandy, kris, eli, zy,chuan hui, darren, alvin and MRYEO!
hahahah. france is SUPERB! :D
okayokay, i shall start frm the very beginning.
wnt with mom to temple. den she went to visit her frns.
in a salon. lol. *chinatown*
den tj msged me. told me kris and sandy were lookin fr me.
den i was like huh? i msged sandy so many times she din reply me.
so okok. i called kris.
wnt to meet them at ps.
walked arnd.
den we had the BALLS. i forgot whts it called. but i like!
met the rest. wnt to this jap rest. to eat.
mryeo came.
den left fr fireworks.
lots and lots of ppl.
2 stupid trees were blocking the view.
stupid babies and thir dad's back also.
butbut, still can see abit lah.
nicenicenice :DD
so many ppl screaming.
lots and lots of couples also.
turn here and there sure at least see 1 or 2.
den aft the fireworks finished,
we waite for the crowd to ease abit. den we walked to raffles.
eli, zy and chuan hui left us. they wnt to find sm frns lah.
kristle wnt home herself.
me, sandy and darren waited outside. while mryeo and alvin, YES ALVIN! sent her off. aww.
den we wanted to walk to clark quay. but my feet were killing me. iw as supposed to go hm bfr i met them, but my mom just kept talking! my hair was in a mess. and i was supposed to wear shoes! but. nvm. zzz. mr yeo said raffles btr thn clark. so took mrt home lahs.

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