Tuesday, August 08, 2006

back to blogging - :DD
national day celebrations today. whn i woke up my entire body was aching like ?!^? i didnt know why lars. anywy, wnt to sch with a horrible haircut. it looks disastrous! like a guy! -.- omg. go sch also so embarrassing. but one thing i had to agree on everyone's post - the live telecast SUCKED. see what shit, sound also like shit. wth lah. i still was wondering why i was aching all over whn meryl suddenly asked me, is yr body aching? so i said, yah, why ar? she replied, 5 items yesterday lah -_-. and i was like ooh! i totally forgot. anywy quite disappointed with shuttle run and situps. last time i run 10secs, now like shit. sit ups last time can do close to 50, now only 36 (thanks to yh, its actually less than tht.) wthwthwth T.T
anyway, co was great, i have to say this cause i know jemaine will read it :p its great!
i got a shock whn i was dance. the number has doubled! but still, thrs still some ppl i dont like frm dance. it was okaay i guess? lololol. wynne performed solo today! poor girl she cried ): (wait, i dont think i was supposed to say this out.) oops.
just a feeling of regret everytime i see band playing. like on sandy's posts too. i quit mainly fr 2 reasons, too stressed (i heard the punishments are nt tht heavy now, seniors [ i only dont like jackson! he keeps laughing whnevr i play -_-]) and the other reason is private. but fr the second reason? seems lie its wasted. gone dwn the drain. i shld have known. i have no considerations to join back band. i think everyone hates me thr alrdy lah. i still missed my f horn T_T. awywy, back to post.
chee hock was acting all retarded and blah. singing with a girl's voice for the songs. so funny lah. me and glynis kept laughing like mad. lol. but he copy cheese one. >< i know some chior ppl's reading this, so once agn, i have to say chior's good. lol. :D
aft sch wnt to orchard with wynne and hy.
bought tix for my super ex gf.
den we got like.. 3 hrs to spend aft eating lunch. sat bus 143 to jurong. supposed to alight at jurong int. but then we alighted at west coast. den sit back. nth to do. lol. den reach back still gt 1 hr to spend. walk to heeren, den whn we reach top floor, den we walked back to cine agn. lol. so boliao can.
anwy the movie's hilarious, except it talks alot about sex. i recommend cheehock this movie, and seriously i dno why they didnt rate it as nc16. lolol. den wnt back to hougang. wnt to play swings near hy's hse. den wynne left. den donkey started asking me some shitty stuffs. din know how to reply lahs. stupid. den he wnt to meet telicia and then i went to have dinner.
ohwell. x))

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