Saturday, August 19, 2006

stayed up all the way till midnight just to wish him happy bday. got no thanks in return! i hesitated to send him like hell and this is all i got -.- anywy, heck this alrdy. bowling! :DD well actually i had no mood to bowl so yeah. it was so funny lar. the retardo came to our lane ( julian bullied him!) and the mr ronald wong also. hahah. then julian keep bullying him lahs. thn the teacher keep asking him to stop. lol. like, wth. the retardo bowl until damn funny. lolol. can fall down one. bt they all say very fake. hahah. wth lah. my skills are dropping badly -.- anywy, on they way back to sch, i was sooo pissed by msteo. i was trying to tell her tht only my class don have cip for next week, and all she did she ignore and diao me. wth lah! hate that teacher now. i trie to tell her thousands of times! @$#^%$*(&^(^( pfft.

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