Sunday, August 20, 2006

created a new bloggie :DD dno whether to delete this ornot. i hate ppl who read my blog and then keep their blog as secrets. so to be fair, i have to do this right? hah. i spent countless of hours doing that blog (2-3hrs)? and i must say, i still find this blog nicer. lolol. its gna be hard maintaining 2 blogs at once, but most likely im gonna update that one more. those who wanna know the blog, pls ask me (: in sch, msn. blahblah etcetc. :D

aft lesson i stayed to practice awhile, dn near to 3 tht time, a tcr came in and said she had to use the studio. den she ask me to go back to my tcr. hw rude! wth lah. anywy so ya. my tcr have confidence that i will pass. zzz. but so happy lar. completed all my songs :D now to work on the chords. sian. have to memorize so many. but i wanna pass! lolol.

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