Tuesday, August 15, 2006

sometimes i really do wonder.
why do people actually insult others just because they affronted them?
look, i'm not saying this just because of whats happening in our class.
but, doesnt it occur everywhere?
sure, everyone would want a sweet revenge.
revenge. what can you gain from it?
maybe just saving your face and reputation.
i guess.
i hate to get into quarrels.
thats why im good with everyone.
even if i dislike someone,
well you dont have to say it infront of the person right?
like, hurling abuses? or just simply critisizing for how that person looks.
crap, i know by saying this i'm making more enemies.
and i do know there are alot of people who dislike me. (you'd probably be thinking, yeah right, i'm glad you know this.)
like i said,
words cant bring me down.
or maybe it can.
i dont want to be known as some stuck up bitch etcetc.
i just want to be simple. why is it so hard to be simple?
friends.. are they just for showing off, or are they really true friends?
honestly, if you ask me what i think, this is what i think: so far, i dont think there's anyone in our class true to each other. (i know im getting MORE people to hate me.)
but if you really do think, there is a difference between good friends and best friends.
good friends are just for showing off in school. you dont contact during weekends, you dont go out together unless people call you to, you're just like a loner at home. when you are in your darkest moments, nobody's ever there for you, no one can sense whats wrong with you.
best friends are everything. they mean the world to you. you share your deepest, darkest secrets with them. pouring all your troubles/problems for them. they would always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on, spending weekends together, probably laughing your arse off a comedy film. or something like that.
how many times, when you say friends forever, and you actually mean it? since sec1, i have heard alot of friends forever, but most people have already broken off, even declaring war. i know who hates who and blah. i do dislike some ppl from the class. promise breakers and blahblah etcetc. i do wish to scold her here but sometimes you just gotta put yrself in other ppl's shoe. how will they feel? do you think they'll feel GREAT, when you've just insulted them? i'm sure no one does. hate me if you must. i'm speaking facts. and i know alot of people do hate me, for my attitude and blah. i've already tried very hard to please people (i dont suck up, sorry. just to being nice to people, i dont like having foes.) sometimes maybe ending it all is the best. not that i cant handle too much stress. its just... no one cares.

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